WWII Aviation Training Yearbook Database and Searchable Index

Gold Star Family Research & Memorials has access to a vast collection of more than 100 World War II (WWII) Aviation Training Class Yearbooks. The index is proprietary and copyrighted by Gold Star Family Research & Memorials and the fee charged is solely for the lookup which facilitates an easy and quick finding of the aviator’s class photo and location/year.

Not all aviation yearbooks are equal or consistent with the aviator’s information. Some only contain the cadet or student’s first and middle initial. Some include as much as first and middle name, hometown, and even the civilian occupation and schooling prior to joining the service. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have the right individual and wish to inquire further prior to purchasing, please contact us and we will assist you further.

If you utilize the search index and think you have found the aviator of interest, please contact the site administrator in order to obtain easy and quick access to the class photo.

We are continuing to add names to the index database and have only just begun. If you don’t find your aviator of interest at first, please check back periodically. Also, please remember, many aviators washed out, and never graduated. Alternatively, some of these fellows may have gone to join the other branches, or joined the Royal Canadian Air Forces.

Photo lookup/access finder’s fees are $12.00/ea