Share Your Family History

Gold Star Family Research & Memorials is proud to offer unique one-of-a-kind genealogy in artistic format as a tribute to honor your lost soldier of interest. Using family document images, photographs, mementos, and embellishments, combined with modern artistic techniques, resources are combined to provide you with your own special digital scrapbook images that can be shared via social media with friends and relatives, saved forever, or even printed and framed for your wall. Some samples are shown here for your enjoyment.

The honorable men and women who were lost in service should always be remembered in glorious tribute along with their very own precious mementos, so let’s pay it back to them in whatever way that we can, in modern fashion….in a sense, where the past meets the future, and the future meets the past.



Photographic Digital Repair and Touch Up Services

We offer photographic repair and touch-up services to eliminate blemishes or perform enhancement of problem areas for old family or military photographs at reasonable rates. No matter the damage, great or small, we can fix it. Notice above, coffee stains are added intentionally. Below, actual photograph tears are virtually removed.

Other Sample Images