Military Records Available for WWII
These are including, but by no means limited to:

(Click below to view a few sample records for each)

-US Army & Air Forces Enlistment Records via National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) - Electronic Database
-Records of Prisoners of War (POW) via NARA
-Dead And Missing Rosters via NARA, American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC)
-Military Aviation Accident Reports [extract]
-Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) - See MACR General Records Description
-Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPFs) - includes War Department Battle Casualty Report and Graves Registration documents [partial samples] - See IDPF General Records Description
-Interment Records, Military Headstone Applications - Overseas or Stateside
-Ships Muster Rolls (US Navy)
-War Diaries (US Navy)
-Headstone Photographs
-Training Locations
-Aviation Training Class Yearbooks
-Morning Reports and Rosters
-Discharge Records

Family Records As Related to Military Service
These are including, but by no means limited to:
(Click below to view a sample record for each)

-Next Of Kin (NOK) Information
-Census Records
-School Yearbooks
-Marriage Records
-Death Records
-Burial Locations

MIA Volunteer Work, Special Projects, Memorials, and Links

Gold Star Family Research & Memorials performs Missing In Action family lookups that are pro-bono, however tips are accepted on behalf of this work and are greatly appreciated, as it allows the work to continue for these types of projects, and helps cover the associated costs that are involved. These are several special projects that are ongoing and always in progress. The selected scope of experience is not limited to the following projects. If you would like to know more about these causes, please see the links below. If you have any relative or known soldier that went missing under the following circumstances, please be sure to contact us, as we are building lists of these type of missing cases and the project is ongoing and very important.

  • Missing over land or within the continental waters of the US, North America, South America, or within any ‘friendly or Allied territory’ of the US  
    See also virtual cemetery here of existing list of those  MISSING STATESIDE AND FRIENDLY TERRITORY US MILITARY.
  • Soldier known to have been buried in any local cemetery within the European Theatre of Operations, however not returned home for burial to the US and official military status is still listed as MIA

MIA Recoveries, Inc. 

Founded by Clayton Kuhles of Arizona, MIA Recoveries is responsible for locating 22 crash sites, accounting for the remains of 190 U.S. Airmen in the China-Burma-India Theatre of Operations that went missing along The Aluminum Trail.  None of the sites have been excavated nor have remains been recovered.  If you would like to help support this cause, please visit the website at 

Operation Mike

C-54 #42-72469 left Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska 26 January 1950 with 42 military on board, and 2 military dependents, one of which was 7 months pregnant, and the other depended the 23-month old child, on a flight to Great Falls, Montana, and disappeared in flight, with last contact over Snag, Yukon Territory, Canada. A massive search effort ensued, covering tens of thousands of square miles, with three search planes that crashed, without success. The plane has never been found. A renewed effort has been made to try to locate this aircraft. If you are interested in supporting this effort, please visit-

US Navy Aircraft C-47 Buno 17254 disappeared 4 August 1969 while en route from its home base at El Belloto Naval Air Station near Vina del Mar, Chile on its way to Buenos Aires, Argentina for regular maintenance with 8 US Military, both Navy and Air Force, and 8 US Military dependents. This loss left 22 children as either orphaned or without one parent. A support group has been established for those seriously researching and hoping to one day locate the aircraft at 
See also virtual cemetery at   US Navy Aircraft C-47 Buno 17254

Bataan Missing

This is a very special project to discover and publish information about those that went missing at Bataan, what happened to these soldiers, their remains, and the tedious effort to locate their families. Please visit their website at

38 WASPs

I embarked on a special project of locating the gravesites of twenty-three of the thirty-eight WASPs who died in service that were previously undocumented. In actuality, twenty-four out of thirty-nine were documented since one additional died while in service, however, not on duty at the time and in a private plane crash. If you would like to get to know these women better, please visit the virtual cemetery here  WWII WASPs [WOMEN AIR FORCE SERVICE PILOTS] 38 Died in the Service of the Country or visit the niece of WWII WASP Marie Michelle Robinson's website at

Project Remembrance

Please visit my very distinguished associate G Pat Macha's website at for a wealth of information about historical aircraft wrecks in the mountains and deserts of the west and the very special work he and his team have done with Project Remembrance.

Aviation Archaeology

The best resource for aviation crash resource and historical reports is