Military and family research reports are available with several types of electronic formats.

I.  Military Soldier, Family Research & Lookup Report

          Option A - Simple Format, Electronic Copy PDF

          Option B  - Artistic/Commemorative Format, Electronic Copy PDF
View Sample WWI Report
View Sample WWII Report

          Also available in print
          Option C  - Artistic/Commemorative Format PRINTED BOOKS

II. Personnel Records Review & Retrieval Electronic Copy PDF
          Including Morning Reports, Rosters, MACRs, Navy Muster Rolls

View Sample WWI VA Index Card
View Sample WWI Muster Rolls
View Sample WWI Burial Case File

III. Photographic Repairs and Touch-Up

IV. Artistic Renditions Using Genealogy & Military Documents

V. Other Records By Special Request or Remote Research
          A - Military Aviation Accident Reports
          B - Marriage Or Death Certificates
          C - Obituaries
          D - IDPFs
          E - X-Files for Unknowns

Contact us for a Fee Schedule that applies to your military and family research project.